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Dry Body Brush - Salt by Hendrix

What is it?

Brush away drab skin with our Dry Body Brush! Designed to bring life back into the skin, this beauty is used pre-shower to help remove the build-up of dead skin cells, aid in evening out the skin’s surface and say bye-bye to dry patches. Dry brushing is known to increase blood flow, promote healthy circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. In other words, she’ll leave you velvety, luxe and luminous!

Why It's Special?

This beauty brush aims to remove dead skin and invigorate dull skin through healthy circulation and blood flow, to reveal that glow from within.

Crafted using natural sisal brush fibres and an FSC-certified wooden handle, our Brush babe is a handy-dandy tool to support the removal of dead skin whilst getting your circulation pumping for improved skin cell turnover, aiming to leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.


It’s Glow Time: Use 1-3 times weekly depending on your skin type and sensitivities (this babe means business).

Drop the Routine: Use on dry skin, prior to a lovely bath or shower.

The How-To: Starting at the feet, gently brush in an upwards motion using very gentle, circular motions. Work around the entire body, avoiding the face and any delicate areas. Rehydrate the skin post-shower or bath with your favorite body oil for that extra silken feeling. Always use super-duper gentle pressure to avoid scratching or marking your precious skin.

Discover divine skin with our DRY BODY BRUSH and Mini AQUAMARINE BODY OIL – GIFT SET. Enlighten your skin pre-shower with yours truly and follow up with a seamless finish from Aquamarine.


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