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Dream Polish - Salt by Hendrix

Polish up perfectly with Dream Polish!

Infused with lush oils and Dragon Fruit for nutrient-rich exfoliation, this miracle maker is all your wildest dreams turned into reality. Crafted with fresh sugar and supercharged plant-powers, Dream Polish aims to revitalise and refresh your complexion like never before.

Why It's Special:

Chock-a-block full of the good stuff – this dreamboat aims to soothe the skin and support your glowing complexion. She’s on a mission to help protect the skin from free radical harm and premature aging.

Dream Polish’s genius ingredient, Dragon Fruit is swimming in antioxidants and an off-the-charts Vitamin C content, known to assist in protecting the skin against pesky free radicals and premature aging. Known to support skin health, Dragon Fruit is well-versed in relaxing the skin and sustaining a luminous complexion - we can't get enough!


It's Glow Time: She fits into your AM + PM routine.

Drop The Routine: This babe works her magic best on clean, dry skin, before moisturizers and serums.

The How-To: Add 1.5 - 2 tablespoons of Dream Polish in the palm of the hand. Gently massage onto the body in a circular motion. Rinse away with warm water.

Is she The One for you? This beauty works for all skin types!

Reach for the skin of your dreams with DREAM LOVE - three botanic beauties to scrub up, soak in and smooth over your skin when you're in need of a little loving! She includes our trio of DREAM BODY OIL, DREAM CRYSTALS, and DREAM POLISH.


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