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Lip Babe (Tube) - Pink Citrus - Salt by Hendrix

What is it?

Chapped lips? Say no more. Lip Babe’s got you covered from Sunflower Oil antioxidants all the way to Shea Butter and Watermelon hydration. Nourish and rejuvenate with lip-loving ingredients designed to moisturize and protect without the heavy, balmy feel. Love her lightweight formula in our Pink Citrus flavor, featuring a touch of shimmer for that effortless glow.

Why It's Special?

Lip Babe is formulated with lightweight, nutrient-rich hydration to love your lips like never before. Housed in an effortless tube and complete with a rounded-tip applicator for only the swiftest, mess-free application.


It’s Glow Time: Lip Babe isn’t limited to a routine. Apply as often as you please (we can’t stop…)

The How-To: Apply to the lips as required to support a hydrated glow.

We love to hydrate post-wash, following our Double Cleanse Routine. Apply Lip Babe liberally throughout the day to maintain the sweetest shimmer.


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