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Gift Set - Dry Body Brush + Mini Aquamarine Oil - Salt by Hendrix

What is it?

Meet our GIFT SET - DRY BODY BRUSH + MINI AQUAMARINE BODY OIL, a bundle of goodness to help you achieve healthy, silky and glowing skin - in just two steps.

Revitalize the skin pre-shower with our luxurious DRY BODY BRUSH. Crafted using natural sisal brush fibres and an FSC-certified wooden handle, this is a tool for assisting in removing dead skin, aiming to leave it feeling fresh and silky as ever.

Mini AQUAMARINE BODY OIL - This beautiful oil is crafted with botanic ingredients to enrich the skin in a relaxing, warm bath. She can be also be applied directly to your skin, or hair, after being cleansed!

Why It's Special?

Hydrate post-exfoliation with a nutrient-rich Body Oil to take your silky skin to the next level. Dry Body Brush buffs away all the nasties pre-shower whilst Aquamarine Body Oil delivers all the goodness to lock in that dreamy dew.


It's Glow-Time: Use 1-3 times weekly depending on your skin type and sensitivities.

The How-To: Use our DRY BODY BRUSH on dry skin, prior to a bath or shower. Starting at the feet, gently brush in an upwards motion using very gentle, circular motions. Work around the entire body, avoiding the face and any delicate areas.

Rehydrate the skin post-shower with our MINI-AQUAMARINE BODY OIL. Apply oil to clean, dry skin. Ensure the oil has been absorbed before wearing clothing.