Silk Headbands - Various Designs and Colours

$97.00 USD

Hand-beaded Silk Headbands.

This is the only headband you need. The headband has a wire which is designed to not give the wearer a headache. It sits beautifully flat and is just the right size.

Honestly the best headband on the market!


Finish: Flower Green

Flower Black
Jeanne Black
Jeanne Coral
Retro Orange
Retro Turquoise
Flower Green
Flower Blue
Retro Fuchsia
Leaves Linen
Retro - White
Art Deco - Pale Pink
Jeanne - Red
Jeanne - Navy
Art Deco - Red
Flower Navy
Retro Blue
Flower Teal
Jeanne Fuchsia
Jeanne Mocha
Khaki Retro
Flower Black Silver
Art Deco Light Blue
Flower Black Bronze
Art Deco - White
Flower Light Pink
Flower Purple
Jeanne Yellow
Retro Green
Black Retro
Lili Green
Lili Blue
Lili Black
Flower Nude Multi
Lili Yellow White
Lili White Green
Lili Nude Multi
Palm Beige Pink
Art Deco - Purple
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