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Bath to Body Oil - Salt by Hendrix

What is it?

Wake up and smell the Bath-to-Body Oil! Enriched with Camellia, Lavender and Mandarin, this floral fave will have you feeling as fresh as her scent.

This versatile vixen can be used in more ways than one – add her to your bath for the in-home spa experience or simply glide her onto the skin and you’re ready to glow!

Why It's Special:

This Bath to Body beauty will work hard so you don’t have to! Put your feet up and enjoy the spa experience, with luscious, nutrient-filled Oils. Vitamin C-rich, Mandarin Oil aims to brighten skin and unleash that glow of yours. Antioxidant-rich skin booster, Argan Oil makes the most of her Vitamin E content to support balanced oil production and improve skin elasticity like the boss she is.

Body Oils like yours truly can help ward off dry skin with plant-powered nutrients for locking in the lush! These beauties are crafted to give your skin some tender loving and can be used multiple ways for maximum glowy goodness!

SALT’S secret tip:
Oil works for your body and more! This glistening gal can add a hit of hydration to dull hair or be added to a relaxing bath for luxe infusion.


It's Glow Time: Apply your beautiful body oils as often as you'd like, whenever your skin is feeling in need of little loving.

The How-To: Add approximately 15 drops to a warm bath or apply to clean and dry skin directly on the body. Ensure she’s been absorbed before putting on your ‘fit for the day.

Is she The One for you? This gal does it all, she’s suitable for all skin types!

SOAK, POLISH + HYDRATE is here to do exactly as she says and more! This sensational set contains three beautiful body products to help you relax and recover, including our BATH TO BODY OIL, BODY POLISH, AND SOAK INFUSION - ROSE AND LAVENDER FLOWER.

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