Magical Rose Gift Set

Salt By Hendrix

MAGICAL ROSE SUGAR SOUFFLÉ - A fine sugar body scrub, made from pomegranate extract, borage oil and roses. This scrub has a dry finish and is perfect for removing dead skin cells and promote skin rejuvenation. 

Direction: Take a generous scoop + gently buff the skin to remove dead skin cells. Once dry, hydrate with Magical Rose Illuminating Elixir Creme. 

Tip + Tricks:  This scrub is fantastic for tan prep or removing fake tan.

MAGICAL ROSE DAYTIME ILLUMINATING ELIXIR CRÉME 30ml- Full of rose goodness, this crème will be absorbed into your skin in lightning-fast speed leaving an incredible scent and soft natural glow. She is as effective as she is lovely.

Directions: Apply to clean, dry skin. Allow creme to absorb into skin before wearing clothing. 

FLOWERS IN HAIR - ROSE 15ml- Not just for your hair, this fragrant little friend is full of moisturising goodness and will be loved by your skin alike. Aloe is perfect for healing and hydrating whilst Neroli is anti-inflammatory and rich in vitamins, perfect for the skin or hair. Spray all over the body as required or in your hair throughout the day.

Directions: Spray on your hair + body, wet or dry whenever you please. Close your eyes and inhale the sweetest rose scent.

Tips + Tricks: First thing in the morning or late at night, this bottle of fun will be your best friend all day long.

Before bedtime, lightly spritz her all over your bed for a peaceful sleep.

How to use MAGICAL ROSE TRIO set:
First, polish your skin with our amazing MAGICAL ROSE SUGAR SOUFFLÉ. We recommend using this product every 3rd day by scooping a generous amount into the fingertips and gently buff into the skin. Remove excess product with warm water.

Then, apply the MAGICAL ROSE ILLUMINATING ELIXIR CRÉME to dry skin for a moisture hit and subtle glow.

Layer with FLOWERS IN YOUR HAIR - ROSE for extra hydration on the body or to refresh and fragrance your hair. Enjoy the perfect fragrance layering and soft, glowing skin.

Made from organic and natural ingredients, SALT BY HENDRIX is a vegan and cruelty-free brand based in Sydney, Australia.

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