Founded in Melbourne, Australia, MAHŌ Sensory Sticks honour the ancient art and wisdom of burning to awaken the senses and transport the mind to an oasis of inner calm.  Invigorated by the fresh use of this refined home fragrance, MAHŌ Sensory Sticks are a simple and captivating addition to the timeless rituals that create a space of calm, meditation, and coming home.  Crafted using ancient techniques, MAHŌ respects the custom of fusing incense with love and prayer to honour loved ones and encourage health and prosperity.

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Oud Boheme Sensory Sticks

Oud Boheme Sensory Sticks

$49.00 SGD
Exuding imperial qualities of dark wood and cinnamon, Oud Bohême honors the opulence and vitality of Dubai. Earthy, sweet, and dripping with warm mixed spices, spritzes of sandalwood and amber...