Olso Basket Set 2 - Natural & Black

$520.00 SGD

The Olso Basket Set is a versatile storage solution. Made from 100% seagrass with an intricate weave pattern, these durable natural & black baskets are not only functional but bring an artisanal aesthetic to any space. Grown in the shallow depths of salty coastal water, seagrass is a flowering marine plant; this eco-friendly raw woven material will inject a breezy warmth & comforting element to your decor. Suitable for indoor use only.

• Material: 100% Seagrass
• Regular cleaning & a little TLC will help your baskets to look good & last longer. Regular dusting using a soft dry cloth &/or a flat/wide bristled paintbrush to dust of the surface of your basket & clean the woven crevices. Even gently use a vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment. Follow this by wiping with a damp cloth & drying well for a deeper clear.
• Do not use any hard cleaning agents.
• Use in well ventilated areas where possible - insufficient light or air circulation may leave your baskets smelling musty. 
• To avoid tearing & ripping, do not move your baskets with heavy objects inside. If you are using as a planter & you want to move it, always remove your plant before moving it.
• If using as a planter, ALWAYS use a saucer for the pot & avoid water in the bottom of the basket. If the base becomes wet, allow it to dry thoroughly in a well ventilated, light area.  Try & avoid exposure to moisture & humidity where possible.

Size: H58 x Diameter 60 cm - Large

Size: H41 x Diameter 38 cm - Medium


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